MapAnything is a geo-productivity software solution built on the ServiceNow platform that enables users to view data on an map to quickly analyze and take action. The agile software development team I was a part of at MapAnything was tasked with implementing a new feature set that allows users to search and navigate indoor locations by means of an indoor map.

As the lead UX/UI Designer, I led the team in user flows, sketching, wireframing, lo-fi mockups, and hi-fi prototypes. I collaborated within the product team to strategize our release schedule based off of a feature set we defined from client feedback and business goals.



ServiceNow is a software solution that provides cloud-based service management as a service specializing in ITSM, IT operations management, and IT business management. MapAnything is a geo-productivity software solution built on the ServiceNow platform that enables users to view data from records on an interactive map to quickly analyze and take action. 

My team, comprised of 1 PM, 1 UX-er (myself), and 3 developers, was tasked with implementing a new feature set using indoor maps to provide users the ability to locate assets, cases, and work orders down to the desk level. 




We began with a default UI layout from a third party interactive indoor map provider.

It offered a limited feature set and had minimal consistency with the existing MapAnything application.

Using this layout as a starting point for development and user testing, I began researching and talking with our ServiceNow clients. 




My first goal during this phase was to understand each of our clients and prospects use cases better. We knew indoor maps was a highly coveted tool in the ITSM world, but why?

Client and prospect demos were the perfect opportunity to introduce the preliminary UI layout of indoor maps and gather feedback about their use cases and pain points. The findings showed that each client/prospect intends to use indoor maps for these same overarching goals:

  • Locating assets within a building for on and off-site work

  • Navigating within indoor locations

  • Creating records for indoor locations directly from the map



The team came together to analyze our time, resources, and goals to prioritize the feature set for the first launch of indoor maps.This part of the process was extremely important to be a part of in order to understand and intercept development constraints as the lead UX member. Based on client feedback and business goals, we scoped the release into this feature set:

  • Navigation between locations

  • Creating a record from a location

  • Search directory of locations

  • Informational window on location click





Once we strategized our goals for functionality, I began sketching and outlining the user flows for the feature set we defined. It was important at this stage to use the existing ServiceNow Design System components to achieve a consistent visual language and to streamline development. We tracked progress and troubleshooted problems using Jira and over our daily morning stand-up.



Search Directory: Allows users the ability to view and search through all of the indoor locations available in their indoor map.

Through usability testing I learned that users wanted the ability to browse through the available locations before specifically searching. This influenced the decision to add a nested menu of locations categorized by their level in addition to a search bar.

Navigation: Enables users to visualize a route from one indoor location to another.

Client feedback revealed that dispatch and HQ are often re-navigating the same routes and need a way to quickly switch back and forth. My design includes a list of recent routes in order to streamline that process, as well as providing a way to add multiple stops, accessibility options, and removing a route from the map.

Creating Records: Core functionality of ServiceNow that manages the input of any work related task.

Our users expressed the need to create records directly from the map. I designed the button as a dropdown so users can select the specific record type that opens the native modal.


 The MapAnything team was tasked with designing indoor maps to streamline ServiceNow dispatchers and on-site ITSM workflows. We delivered a feature that extended functionality allowing users to:

  • Locate assets within a building

  • Navigate from multiple indoor locations

  • Create records for indoor locations directly from the map

Users responded well to the first release of indoor maps and we are continuing to receive feedback and iterate. 



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