Warby Parker has found that a significant portion of their user base has issues with communicating with their optometrist to access their information. They want to close the gap between getting frames and lenses with minimal customer effort.


A patient portal that connects to the Warby Parker website which allows customers and optometrists the ability to communicate, schedule, and order glasses. It will also be privy to new users which allows them to search for optometrists in their area, and compare and contrast based off a filtered search, with options for social media sharing.




Beginning this project without any prior knowledge of Warby Parker, I first gathered information on the services they offer and familiarized myself with their brand.

Though it was clear to me that their online ordering services set them apart from many alike, I realized the problem was the complication involved to consolidate all of the necessary health information to complete an order.

From this conclusion, I researched similar services being offered to gain insight on practices that seem to be working.



My next steps involved interviewing previous and current Warby Parker users to get their perspective on the process of ordering glasses. Many users expressed their appreciation of the services that were being offered, but had issues with the expediency of getting their prescription information and glasses.

Aggravation with the extra trips, scheduling, and communication needed on top of their daily to-do’s made it a frequent pain point. Subsequently this prolonged the process of choosing which glasses they liked best since they had to wait for them to be delivered before they could try them on.



After consolidating my newfound information, I realized that my initial problem statement wasn’t addressing a few of the major pain points that users were currently facing.

I then broadened my scope to addressing the problem of searching for optometrists in a specified area, online communications between optometrist and patient, and creating a virtual try-on feature to eliminate the steps in choosing frames.




When I began wire-framing for the new feature set I was introducing, I wanted to maintain familiarity with the brand and current website. I found that in keeping the content structure and cool color scheme consistent, I could translate the approachable and fun aspect they project.


Through testing my preliminary iterations of the landing page, I got feedback from users regarding the process of selecting glasses. I learned that the best place to introduce the virtual try-on feature would not be in their personal account, but rather the page where they view the details and specifications of the glasses.


Users also expressed their need for not only searching for doctors, but the desire to compare and contrast them based off of various criteria. Using these results from user testing, I went in to my final iterations and rendered the changes they wanted to see for a final mockup.




Search for Optometrists  •  Compare & Contrast Optometrists  •  Schedule Appointments  •  Virtually Try-On Glasses  •  Share Selections  •  Social Media

By incorporating the features above, I was able to address the needs of the users while also staying true to the current Warby Parker brand. I mocked up a screen of the Shop & Try-On feature page in Sketch, and created a low fidelity prototype in Axure to show the interactions.



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